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App Engine Console is a tool to aid development on Google App Engine. It is a traditional interactive Python session running in the server, which you use from a web browser. It is designed to be embedded within other applications to allow convenient testing, debugging, and maintenance. App Engine Console has the following features:

  • Browser-based console
    • Just like running Python interactively from the command line
    • Direct access to your application's run-time code and data
    • Optional syntax highlighting
    • Exceptions, modules, and types link to their own documentation on
  • Convenience
    • Automatically imports an module to which you can add your own code, then run it from the console
    • Quick access to the datastore, application dashboard, and Google Analytics
    • Pastebin integration
    • Instant messaging between team members
  • Security
    • Only site administrators may use the console when in production
    • Optionally return HTTP 404 to non-authorized users ("cloaked mode")
    • Logs the email address, statements, and output of all activity


With App Engine Console, it is easy to perform the following tasks:

  • Testing ideas before making changes to code
  • Debugging an App Engine application
  • Sophisticated datastore maintenance and manipulation (both development and production environments)

Try It

Read how it works, or just try the demo! If you are not logged in, you will raise a very droll exception with a link to log in. (Note: App Engine Console is developed mostly with Firefox on Linux, so if you notice a bug with another browser, please notify me.)

App Engine Console is free software. To download it, see its project page. If you have Git installed, simply clone git:// You may also browse the source code at the GitHub mirror.


App Engine Console is developed by Jason Smith at Proven Corporation. Please contact me with questions, comments, or suggestions. Thank you.

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